CoST board report and financial statement, 2017
CoST Afghanistan - Scoping Study

CoST Afghanistan – Scoping Study

The construction industry plays a significant role in the socio-economic development of Afghanistan. It directly contributes to its economic growth and provides a basis for the growth of other sectors by building the physical
facilities which are essential for the production and distribution of both goods and services. A substantial amount of financial resources has been injected into the construction industry by both the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and our international partners for the rejuvenation of the infrastructure sector. The effectiveness and efficiency of such substantial expenditures has been challenged by the lack of transparency, accountability and integrity. There are projects, for instance, that have received full payments despite having not been completed, whilst other projects have caused the loss of precious lives owing to incomplete or poor construction.

Following a recommendation from the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC), the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan joined CoST in October 2013. As a result, a Multi-Stakeholder Working Group (MSWG) was formed to lead the development of an implementation plan and establish a National Secretariat and MultiStakeholder Group. It was also agreed that the National Procurement Authority would be the first procuring entity to test the process of public disclosure.

This scoping study should inform the decision-making process on the added value of CoST in Afghanistan and to assess current levels of information disclosure on publicly funded construction projects and, in doing so, to provide a baseline measure of transparency.