Our mission and vision

Our vision

Better lives from better infrastructure.

Our beliefs

As CoST continues to expand around the world, many countries are realising our full impact – an impact which is felt on lives, money, efficiency and accountability.

Greater transparency and accountability in infrastructure reduces waste, mismanagement and corruption and produces better quality roads, bridges, schools and hospitals that the public can use. It allows countries to more easily trade across borders through constructions such as ports, airports and the roads connecting to them.

This means more citizens can access essential rights and services, including, jobs, healthcare, water and education. Governments see better value in public budgets, businesses enjoy a level playing field and improved performance in the sector and there are more opportunities for national and international investment.

Our mission

Disclose, validate and interpret infrastructure data to empower stakeholders to hold decision-makers to account.

Achieving our mission

We want to make infrastructure transparency and accountability the norm, integrating it into each country’s standard systems and practices.

We want to inform and empower citizens and other stakeholders to hold decision-makers to account by helping to put infrastructure data and information into the public domain.