CoST utilises the ITI tool in Asia

CoST, the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative, has recently socialized the Infrastructure Transparency Index (ITI) in Asian countries, as a tool that can be useful in order to make public infrastructure projects transparent and improve the quality of life of citizens.

The ITI was presented to a group of key stakeholders to provides them with quality information that serves to enhance the management of public infrastructure.

ITI measured the levels of transparency in infrastructure by applying the using the CoST methodology and provided key inputs to the demand for accountability and transparency to institutions.

The Index sets out a methodology for calculating a score for evaluated procuring entities in a national or sub-national context. The individual scores are then used to generate an Index that compares the evaluated procuring entities. It is based on the enabling conditions for strengthening transparency in the sector plus the transparency-related practices applied on recently completed infrastructure projects.

One of the main goals of the ITI is interpret transparency in a broad and practical sense, not only by looking at it through the traditional lens of access to information, but also by considering associated enablers and capacities. These include citizen participation that leads to the creation of public value through access to information

CoST International have created the ITI Manual, in order the countries and governments can use it to measures levels of transparency and the quality of processes related to public infrastructure.

Its adoption by governments of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) could have a significant positive impact. Also, this work will support the outcome of the programme on improving transparency and integrity policies and practices by government and businesses.

Thank you very much to Clara Feng for supporting in the translation of these messages.