Joining CoST

Governments at national or subnational levels can join CoST as a member. 

CoST membership is aimed at governments and their civil society and private sector partners committed to improving transparency, accountability and participation in public infrastructure and see our approach as central to that reform effort. 

Members commit to adopting the full CoST approach of multi-stakeholder working, publication of data, independent review of data and social accountability.

Members are subject to the CoST performance monitoring procedures continued membership demonstrates that the CoST Board is satisfied that the performance of the member is adequate.

Further details on membership for both members, rights and responsibilities, support they can receive from CoST International Secretariat and the steps to take to make an application are outlined in the Joining CoST Guidance Note.

If you are interested in joining us as a member or affiliate please contact us via ​

Using CoST tools and resources

In addition to the two membership types, anyone can use the freely available range of tools and resources from our website at any time without joining CoST, to aide their efforts to improve transparency and accountability in public infrastructure investment.