NEW EVENT: CoST participating in International Anti-Corruption Conference Multistakeholder Approaches session

CoST -the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative, will be participating at the 21st International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), in the session: “Multistakeholder Approaches (MSAs) to Building Consensus for Governance Reform”. The workshop will take place 8.30am-10am (Eastern European Summer Time) on Thursday 20th June 

Our Board Chair, Christiaan Poortman  will be participating in this session, alongside Brook Horowitz, our Strategic Advisor, who will be there on behalf of IBLF Global. There will also be representatives from Transparency International; Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative; Fisheries Transparency Inactivity (FiTI) and the Local Electricity Access Programme. The IACC will be hosted by the Government of Lithuania, organised by Transparency International in partnership with Transparency International Lithuania, in Vilnius, Lithuania; from 18th to 21st June 2024.  

The workshop will examine the different ways in which MSAs can powerfully engage Government, Business and Civil Society in building consensus for critical governance reform.  

We will compare and contrast our experiences of MSAs in different contexts, sectors and countries; discuss the successes as well as the challenges; and show how different techniques such as collective action, integrity pacts, public-private dialogues, citizen engagement and others can have a significant impact on governance reform. 

During the week, we will also be unveiling two new resources online.  

Please join us for this important session and share with those you know.