A statement in support of CoST Ukraine

The CoST Board has released the following statement in support of CoST Ukraine.

“The CoST Board unequivocally condemns the ongoing, unjustified attack by Russia on Ukraine. As a CoST member since 2013, Ukraine has been a global leader at opening up infrastructure investment to public scrutiny, developing an innovative open data platform and analytical tools that have given the public access to information on thousands infrastructure projects.

They have engaged civil society to use this information and monitor infrastructure projects across the country helping to improve the quality of roads from Kharkiv to Kyiv to Kherson believing this is critical to an open and democratic society. They have engaged the private sector who have used the data to better understand the market, helping to level the playing field.

We stand with the CoST Ukraine Multi-Stakeholder Group consisting of reformers from government, the private sector and civil society and the CoST Ukraine Secretariat who have driven these innovations often in challenging circumstances, based on a desire to enable the people of Ukraine to have access to infrastructure services that meets their needs.

We express solidarity with our colleagues and with all the people of Ukraine against this war and we will continue to support CoST Ukraine in their efforts to protect what has been achieved over the last nine years.”