Changing Roles in the International Secretariat

With Engineers Against Poverty now leading the IS, there have been some changes in roles and responsibilities amongst members. Petter Matthews is the Executive Director with overall responsibility of managing the CoST Programme. Zlatina Loudjeva remains a Member of the IS as Strategy and Funding Adviser.

John Hawkins recently joined Engineers Against Poverty from the Institution of Civil Engineers as Programme Manager. John is responsible for day to day operations for the CoST Programme and is the principle contact for Country Coordinators and the Multi-Stakeholder Groups. Tendai Nyoka is the Finance & Administration Officer with responsibility for disbursing funds to countries and managing the CoST accounts.

As Senior Policy Advisors, Bill Patterson and Jill Wells provide the intellect behind the development of the Global Programme. Graham Hand and Claire Schouten remain as Senior Industry Adviser and Civil Society Adviser respectively.