Contribute to our Business Plan 2020 – 2025: Strengthening economies and improving lives

Today CoST has opened its new Business Plan 2020 – 2025 for public consultation until Monday 01 June 2020. Our new plan outlines an ambitious programme of growth with a new Theory of Change, mission and vision and four strategic priorities to build stronger economies and improve lives.  For more on its development, content and launch during a time of crisis read our blog from Petter Matthews, CoST Executive Director.

8 key questions we invite your views on Consultative version of CoST Business Plan

We very much welcome your contribution on the questions below relating to our Business Plan. These have been developed for a general audience and if you are not able to answer them all, please focus on those that are most relevant to your experience and/or knowledge of CoST.

  1. The plan outlines the challenges that CoST has experienced and the lessons drawn. Do they reflect your experience of CoST or similar programmes? [P12 – 15]
  2. Our Theory of Change (ToC) is seen as an evolving process and something to review against what is happening in practice. [P16 – 20]
    (a) Does the ToC sufficiently outline how CoST contributes to long term change?
    (b) Is there anything that we may not have considered?
  3. Are the strategic priorities relevant and realistic? Do you have suggestions for modifications? [P21 – 35]
  4. How do the strategic priorities interrelate with your organisation and the sector you work in?
  5. To what extent have we identified the right approach to addressing infrastructure investment and the key themes of climate and resilience and gender and social inclusion? [P23 – 25]
  6. Do you have suggestions for any additional tools or guidance materials that would help CoST members achieve impact? [P22 – 28]
  7. What issues will CoST have to consider in adapting its approach in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the short and long-term?
  8. Is the Financing Plan clearly articulated and do you consider it achievable in practice? [P33 – 35]

How do I submit my feedback?

Please submit your responses to all or those questions relevant to you by email to: with the subject line: ‘Business plan feedback’. Please make submissions before the consultation period ends on Monday 01 June 2020.

Join us and other experts via webinar

We also welcome you to join a webinar we will be holding Tuesday 19 May from 14.00 – 15.15pm BST (09.00am – 10.15am EDT). This will bring together civil society, international agencies, the private sector and others to share feedback based on their areas of expertise and experience. Please confirm your attendance to Charlotte Broyd: .

Useful resources prior to contribution

CoST Business Plan 2020 – 2025
Read our blog on the Business Plan, its development and the extraordinary circumstances surrounding its launch

Should you have any queries on any of the above please direct these to Charlotte Broyd: .