CoST film launched today, highlights impact on local communities in Guatemala

A new film was launched today on International Anti-Corruption Day that highlights the impact of the CoST Guatemala programme on local communities.

The film highlights how the Chichavac road is allowing the local community to access markets to sell produce and access health services. The quality of construction on the Chichavac road has improved due to its inclusion in the CoST assurance process.

In an interview for the film, Ariel Alvarado, Chief of Pre-Investment & Planning, General Directorate of Roads, attributed the improved quality to its inclusion in CoST.

“The quality of the construction work on the project has improved as direct result of CoST. This is due to CoST enabling better integration and coordination between the project’s construction companies, supervision companies, and the General Directorate of Roads and Highways.”

It also highlights a cost saving of $5m on the Belize Bridge project in Guatemala City where the planned rehabilitation of the bridge was unnecessary and potentially dangerous and that the CoST disclosure requirements are now a legal requirement on all public infrastructure projects.

The film was launched at the CoST Guatemala 4th Disclosure Event where the findings of the 4th assurance report on 24 projects will be disclosed. A full report on the event and assurance report will be included in the next CoST Newsletter.

Further films on the impact of CoST will be released over the next few months. You can watch the film below.