CoST Jalisco’s new tool is promoting transparency in infrastructure

CoST Jalisco, a member of CoST, the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative in Mexico since October 2019, seeks to strengthen transparency and accountability in public infrastructure spending.

Like other CoST members across four continents, CoST Jalisco proactively publishes open data on public projects, through a virtual platform, to improve the efficiency of the funds used by the public entities participating in the initiative.

CoST Jalisco has recently launched a new digital assistant, Super Inspe-CoST. This supports as a guide in the journey of transparency and fighting corruption in public infrastructure. This  tour starts by clicking on the Super Inspe-CoST icon on the front page of the website

The second step is to do a search by keyword or keywords, in Spanish, which generates suggestions such as statistics, geolocation, projects and investments, among others.

Once the search has been performed – according to the user’s selection – the results are presented through a list, from which the user can select what most closely matches their interest.

The Super Inspe-CoST offers relevant information, including lists of projects, institutions, regulations, assurance reports and other documents of interest on infrastructure projects in the state of Jalisco.

In addition, support material is available, such as an open data seminar, segmented into four modules, that any person can utilize for free.

Transparency in the infrastructure sector facilitates raising of awareness about excessive budgets and high costs, use of low-quality materials; omission of studies and projects; low economic and social profitability; opacity in contracting; and more which prevent public resources from being used in the areas where they are most needed.

More information about CoST Jalisco is available at:

In February 2023, CoST Jalisco supported the municipality of Guadalajara, Mexico; with the creation and launch of announced two new open data platforms focused on Open Contracting and Public Projects.

With these two open data platforms, Guadalajara will be in an opportune position to utilize best practice in disclosure to help to prevent and reduce corruption in the processes of procurement and contracting of public infrastructure. Read more HERE.

The program has provided training for civil society, helping these groups play a more active role in project monitoring and raising levels of accountability within government and procuring entities.