CoST membership competition opens, offering opportunity for transparency advocates to demand better for citizens and infrastructure

CoST is delighted to open its competitive process for membership running until 31 August 2019. With four positions available to join as a member, we welcome any government (sub or national), megaproject or procuring entity with a determination to promote lasting impact to seize this opportunity.

Why CoST?

With estimates of the global infrastructure deficit being $(US)18 trillion by 2040 there is no better time for an initiative like CoST. We help to tackle the business as usual approach, addressing mismanagement, inefficiency and corruption preventing the sector’s full potential being realised.

Our members worldwide have seen greater cost savings, environments of trust and integrity in the sector. Better-quality infrastructure in these countries has allowed for a stronger economy by providing essential pathways to things such as jobs and goods delivery, and access to essential services like education, health and water.

Since 2015 we have promoted data disclosure on 24,830 infrastructure projects, showing citizens where their money is spent and allowing them to demand better. Increasing transparency and accountability has led to concrete actions, such as in Guatemala where CoST helped to cancel a project saving the potential miss-appropriation of US$5 million or in Uganda where a key road so dangerous it caused five fatalities was made safe following CoST recommendations.

Why now?

Leading up to August we will offer bespoke support and guidance to those interested in taking part. Whether you are familiar with or entirely new to CoST and its impact, our support will be tailored, it could include a mix of liaison at key events, virtual talks and meetings, providing key resources relevant to your context and face-to-face meetings.

We particularly look forward to participating at the OGP Summit in May where we will hold a small workshop on the CoST approach, its adaptability and demonstrated value in a range of contexts. Workshop places are limited but you can express interest to join by email to

How to take part

If you want to see systemic change in your country and can commit to our membership criteria we would love to hear from you. Please email: with subject line: Interest in Joining CoST.

As competition places are limited to four members we advise you to get in touch as soon as possible to begin our engagement process which leads onto the development of an application. Any government that has formally expressed an interest in joining CoST as a member before 30 April will be exempt from the CoST competition and will be informed by the CoST International Secretariat (CoST IS).

The competitive process applies to ‘member’ positions only. We will continue to accept applications to join CoST as an ‘affiliate member’ on a rolling basis.

What happens after 31 August?

The CoST IS and CoST Board will review applications and successful applicants will be informed in November before a public announcement is made.

More details can be found in the Joining CoST Guidance Note here.