CoST offers technical supports in Metro selection in Quito

On July 15th, the Municipality of Quito selected the operator of the Quito Metro, an emblematic project of Ecuador. CoST International participated in this process offering technical support, to promote transparency mechanisms and international procurement standards.

CoST International formally began its technical support in the process of market study and contracting of the operator of the Quito Metropolitan Metro Company (EPMMQ) on June 3rd, 2022. 

The project is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which participated regularly in all meetings and events to ensure compliance with local regulations and international transparency standards. 

The Infrastructure Transparency Initiative worked hand in hand with Metro de Quito through on-site visits to Ecuador. 

In these meetings, assistance was offered to promote favorable conditions in the selection and contracting of the operator: the consortium formed by Metro de Medellín-Colombia and Transdev of France.

CoST’s team of experts is led by Manuel González Caballero, Evelyn Hernández, María Graça Prado and Denise Zelaya, who participate in the development of different activities.

“As an international organization in transparency, our role is to follow up on the selection process for compliance with international standards and compliance with the local legal framework,” said Manuel González, manager of CoST International for Latin America. 

As part of the work methodology, CoST’s team of experts evaluated whether there were gaps in the disclosure of information. 

Another point evaluated was the assessment of risks and characteristics of mega-projects in the transportation sector, as well as the relevant international transparency standards, such as CoST IDS and OC4IDS for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

It also observed compliance with international best practices and principles of public procurement. 

Among these practices and principles are: lawfulness, fair treatment, equality, quality, technological effectiveness, opportunity, concurrence, transparency, publicity and national participation, which are recognized in Ecuador under Article 4 of the Organic Law of the National Public Procurement System.

The Mayor of Quito, Santiago Guardera, thanked CoST for its support in the market study and for the next phase that will take place from now. 

CoST has also planned a capacity building process on transparency mechanisms that will take place in August. The Quito metro is expected to be inaugurated in December of this year.