CoST Tanzania declared inactive

CoST members demonstrate a firm commitment to improving infrastructure transparency and accountability in their various contexts. Members are subject to the CoST performance monitoring policy and their membership is contingent on the CoST Board being satisfied that meaningful progress is maintained.

With regret the CoST Board recently informed the relevant stakeholders involved in the CoST Tanzania programme that it has been declared ‘inactive’ due to a lack of progress. Notification was made to the Government of Tanzania, the National Construction Council (host of the programme) and the CoST Tanzania Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG). The Board took this decision in accordance with the performance monitoring policy and it follows two formal reviews of the programme.

The Government of Tanzania and the National Construction Council has been given six months to meet several conditions in order for CoST Tanzania to be reactivated, including that at least one procuring entity agrees to disclose data on their infrastructure projects and that the CoST Tanzania MSG is reconstituted. If it is unable to achieve these conditions, then the Board has the option of revoking Tanzania’s CoST membership. The CoST International Secretariat will continue to use its website to provide further updates on this.