CoST – the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative is proud to join RISE Ukraine

CoST is pleased to announce that it has joined the RISE Ukraine coalition. Through this important initiative we are cooperating with Ukrainian and international organisations to ensure that Ukraine’s reconstruction is undertaken with integrity, sustainability and efficiency.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their resistance to Russia’s illegal war. The costs of rebuilding housing, transport, commerce, industrial and social infrastructure was recently estimated to be $349 billion, and this figure will inevitably increase as the war continues.

It is essential that investments for reconstruction are protected against losses through corruption, mismanagement and inefficiency. This is where RISE Ukraine has a vital role to play. It will help the country build back better, making the reconstruction a model of integrity, sustainability and efficiency. It will do this through inclusive dialogue, open data and the latest digital technology to put information about project status and the use of funds at the fingertips of anyone, anywhere.

Commenting on CoST joining RISE Ukraine, Executive Director Petter Matthews said: “CoST Ukraine has been active since 2015. It has an impressive track record and is well positioned to support the reconstruction effort. We pledge ourselves to work with RISE Ukraine, to help ensure that the reconstruction process is Ukrainian-owned and internationally verified and that all investment benefits the Ukrainian people.”