Image of collective action awards

CoST Transparency Initiative’s response to the Basel Institute award nomination

CoST Transparency was shortlist nominated for a Basel Institute award for Outstanding Achievement in Collective Action.  

Whilst we didn’t win, we are proud that our work has been recognised through this nomination. 

Recieving a nomination wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of all of the CoST country members across four continents, working not only on anti corruption, but other important issues such as sustainability, climate change, gender equality at their intersection with infrastructure.  

We’re also grateful to representatives from CoST countries such as – multi-stakeholder groups, government, civil society and the private sector for working with us and making collective action an effective tool for transformation. It’s also very gratifying that over 1250 people showed their commitment to anti-corruption by voting for us and the other nominees. With the rise of populism, collective action in anti corruption has never been more important.  

CoST is hugely ambitious, and we will continue to play our part in increasing the volume and quality of infrastructure, helping meet the most pressing global challenges that we face. And we will do so with renewed confidence and a heightened sense of the importance of collective action in tackling complex challenges. 

We’re thankful to the Basel Institute on Governance for organising this award and promoting collective action in anti corruption. We’re grateful to our partners including Engineers Against Poverty; FIDIC; European International Contractors, World Bank; UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and many individual companies that support us. We also owe much gratitude for everyone who took the time to vote for us.