Honduras: Lucky number 13

Last week Honduras became the 13th country – and the third in Central America – to join CoST. The announcement was made in Tegucigalpa on 14th August and took place during Honduras’ first National Transparency Week.

President Juan Orlando Hernández made the announcement to a packed audience in the Honduras Presidential Palace. The event was broadcast live on national television and was attended by central and local government, private industry, academic institutions and NGOs.

President Hernández said that the Government’s commitment to CoST was indicative of a “new Honduras” and he urged all sectors and citizens to participate in the programme and help improve public infrastructure. Commenting on the risks of poorly built infrastructure he said: “CoST provides an opportunity to save lives for when corruption occurs lives are put at risk.”

CoST Honduras will be led by a Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) and hosted by the Ministry of Infrastructure. Speaking at the event, Minister of Infrastructure Roberto Ordoñez expressed his confidence that Honduras’ membership of CoST will help the country to change public construction for the better and, most importantly, for the benefit of its citizens.

CoST Executive Director Petter Matthews addressed the audience saying: “CoST is not for the feint hearted. It is not for those who want a quiet life. We commend the Government of Honduras and other stakeholders for having the courage to confront problems of corruption and inefficiency as part of a determined effort to improve things.

The addition of Honduras as a thirteenth member demonstrates the recognition that CoST has gained on a global level, with further countries expected to join the initiative in the coming months.