Reclaiming sustainable infrastructure as a public good: CoST at the C20 Summit

At this year’s C20 Summit, CoST will join forces with Eurodad and the Society for International Development to host a joint session exploring the need to ”reclaim sustainable infrastructure as a public good”. As the world seeks to ‘build back better’ after the Covid-19 pandemic, sustainable infrastructure investments have been given high priority by both the G20 and the C20 and touted as “the most promising strategy for delivering decent jobs and climate resilience” by donor governments.

However, the prevailing infrastructure finance agenda set by donor countries contains pitfalls and limitations that require further debate. Through an open discussion between  government, G20 and civil society participants, this event aims to address some of the key questions that emerge when analysing current trends in infrastructure development, including the challenges posed by an agenda focused on attracting private investment in infrastructure and, ultimately, the extent to which it is possible to reclaim sustainable infrastructure as a public good.

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Reclaiming sustainable infrastructure as a public good

6 October, 12-1pm CET, Room 4


  • Luisa Mimmi, Senior Advisor, G7/G20 Unit, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Italy
  • Marco Rocha, Co-Chair of the Infrastructure Working Group, Brazil (TBC)
  • Adrian Chikowore, Policy & Research Consultant in International Public Finance, Afrodad
  • Maria Jose Romero, Policy & Advocacy Manager, Eurodad
  • Flora Sonkin, Policy Researcher, Society for International Development
  • Chair: Petter Matthews, Executive Director, CoST