CoST board report and financial statement, 2017
Assurance report - Arjo Dedessa Dam, construction project

Assurance report – Arjo Dedessa Dam, construction project

This Assurance Report has been written following the Assurance Process conducted on the information provided by the Procuring Entity, the Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Energy [MoWIE]. Arjo Dedessa Irrigation Dam Project, located in the Dedessa River Basin, was designed (reviewed), supervised, and constructed by the regional government enterprises; Oromia Water Works Design, Supervision Enterprise and Oromia Water Works Construction Enterprise who were awarded it through direct contract. The focus of this study includes review of the procurement procedures for design review service, supervision service, and works contract with further focus on the implementation of the project with respect to the works and supervision service contracts.

This nine-chapter report introduces the general role of construction sector and its vulnerability for mismanagement and corruption, the background of the project and a review of the country’s water sector development program with emphasis on irrigation work, before going on to review the project management. It recommends that the procurement entity consider competitive procurement approaches and all project participants must manage the timely and practical completion of the project. This is particularly relevant to take on board as the project is under delay as its completion period is almost finished although only 24% of the revised work volume has been executed.