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Assurance report: Buahit-Dilyibza road project

Assurance report: Buahit-Dilyibza road project

This report was prepared by the Assurance Process team for CoST – Ethiopia.
The report covers Lot II: the Buahit – Dilyibza Road Project, which is one part sub-project within the Debark – Buahit – Dilyibza Design and Build Road Project. This road project has been divided into two lots, where the Procurement Entity is undertaking the Procurement and Contract implementations independently. Only Lot II, as agreed with CoST – Ethiopia, is considered in this report.
The Disclosure & Assurance Process has been carried out in detail for Lot II, using information collected from the procurement entity. This includes disclosure on procurement, contract & project information, completeness and accuracy of the disclosed information, a detailed analysis and identifying causes of concern. The analysis concentrates on the evaluation of PE’s performance on procurement and contract implementation in all stages, measured against the equirements set out (including applicable lawsand provisions).

This Assurance Report identified a number of key issues, such as the difficulty in accessing relevant documents, the fairness of the procurement participation rules, issues related to the contract scope and compliance with contract requirements.