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Assurance report: Dansha - Abderafik - Maikedra Road Project

Assurance report: Dansha – Abderafik – Maikedra Road Project

This report was prepared by the Ethiopian Roads Authority, to disclose information onproject identification on an ongoing Dansha-Abderafik-Maikadra Road project in January 2015. It includes two service contracts and one work contract. The project traverses two wredas of Tigray and Western Armachiho, and, apart from some of the project area which is served by gravel paved road, the majority of the road was only viable through following tracks
and trails used by farm machinery and comunity footpaths, making year-round accessibility for vehicles impossible.

Having justified the implementation of the Dansha-Abderafik-Maikadra Road project from economic, social, environmental and technical perspectives, the government of FDRE (represented by the Ethiopian Roads Authority) has allocated substantial budget to finance payments for the service and work contracts.

Although the methods and procedures of procurement are in compliance with the procurement directive and regulations, the total time input gives cause for concern that the procurement entity is not complying with the principles of efficiency in the execution of public procurement, which supports Ethiopia’s economic development. The report breaks down the issues related to cost and time performance, changes in the contract and then issues several recommendations to improve the efficiency and economy of the road projects.