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CoST Business Plan 2020 - 2025 (consultation version)

CoST Business Plan 2020 – 2025: Consultation Version

In the last five years, CoST’s membership has grown to 19 national and sub-national members and affiliates spanning four continents. These members have disclosed data on more than 35,000 investments involving billions of dollars. CoST tools and standards are now recognised as being among the most advanced technology in their field and have received endorsement from the G20, the European Investment Bank, Global Infrastructure Basel and others.

CoST has also grown in terms of depth, as demonstrated by the rapid growth in the number of projects where data has been disclosed by its members. This has been driven by institutionalising the CoST approach through legal or policy mandates. At the same time, thousands of government officials have been trained on how to comply with these mandates, new open data platforms have been established and where practicable, aligned with existing e-procurement systems.

This CoST Business Plan for 2020−2025 (consultation version) builds on these achievements and the recommendations of a recent independent review (Crown Agents, 2020), which acknowledged the successes of CoST in increasing its impact, strengthening its approach and providing value for money. Over the next five years, CoST will focus on four strategic priorities outlined within the Plan. They seek to maintain a balance between strengthening the CoST approach, continuing to offer quality support for existing members and growing the membership.