CoST board report and financial statement, 2017
CoST Honduras - A win for transparency and citizen engagement

CoST Honduras – A win for transparency and citizen engagement

Prior to joining CoST in August 2014, there was little transparency around public infrastructure investment in Honduras. CoST Honduras has worked together with government, industry and civil society to deliver better value public infrastructure through transparency and accountability. In just two years, transparency in the roads sector has increased from 27% to 82% of the data in the CoST Infrastructure Data Standard (IDS) being disclosed to the public. This has been supported by an Executive Decree from the President of Honduras that established a legal mandate for disclosing data from public infrastructure projects. Highlights from CoST Honduras’ impact on the ground are provided here but for all the information, check out

“With initiatives like this [CoST], we will not only see money well spent, but also we will transcend the world as a different country.”
President of the Republic of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández

This briefing note focuses on achievements in empowering citizens to hold decision makers to account and ensuring environmental standards are met for the safety of citizens.