CoST Ukraine - Assurance report summary

CoST Ukraine First Assurance Report summary

This highly visual presentation breaks down the 2017 Assurance report from Ukraine. It outlines the total planned budget on financing road repair, the uneven distribution of road repaid regionally and the breakdown of regional funding. These make explicit the concentration of funding for road repair in specific areas, where 5 oblasts took up the 47% of the total budget for financing road repair.

It discusses the sources of funding and contractors to highlight how 5 contractors received 51% of the of the value of 120 contracts, and breaks this down by region and sector. The resul is a clear infographic on how 1km of road repair can vary wildly from one region to another – the result of a concentration and monopolisation of contracts to specific contractors.

This leads to a lack of competition, lack of proper quality control, unsubstantiated distribution of funds for road repairs, delayed work performance and the mismatch between the road repair type and requirements of the road evenness and hardness.