Multi-stakeholder working
Enhancing inclusive infrastructure

Enhancing inclusive infrastructure: A review of gender equality in CoST Thailand

This report presents the findings of a gender audit investigating the level of gender equality within the people working for CoST Thailand. The audit combined a desk review with semi-structured in-depth interviews with professionals working for CoST Thailand. The investigation focused on three research questions:

What is the gender demographic representation in CoST Thailand? What is the level of gender awareness and gender barriers in CoST Thailand? What diversity strategies are applied or endorsed by CoST Thailand?

Key findings include:

The female representation found in CoST Thailand is high, with 50% of women participation on average. In qualitative terms, CoST female professionals reported an equal level of participation and weight in decision making within the programme.

The staff responsible for CoST Thailand perceived both CGD and ACT as gender-neutral employers, offering equal access and opportunities. According to interviewees, decisions related to hiring, retention, promotion and training of professionals involved with CoST, as well as decisions to allocate workload, are not influenced by gender.

The level of gender awareness identified among those working for CoST Thailand was high, showing a common perception of interviewees that men and women have equal roles in society and in the workplace.