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CoST in a crisis (French)

Guidance Note (French): Improving infrastructure transparency, participation and accountability during a crisis

This Guidance Note (in French) outlines how to prioritise and fast-track the implementation of one or more of the four core features of the CoST approach, without necessarily becoming part of a recognised CoST programme. Such an approach will not only help reduce risks associated with the procurement of public infrastructure during a crisis and its aftermath, but also lay the foundations for more lasting reforms.

The normal process of establishing a trusted CoST programme requires considerable time and effort, and cannot generally be achieved, let alone institutionalised, quickly. For the purposes of helping respond to a crisis such as a pandemic or natural disaster, this could be too late to be relevant. Yet in such contexts the need for early transparency and effective collaboration between stakeholders is of paramount importance. Hence the need for a prioritised fast-track approach as described.

Prepared during the Covid-19 pandemic, this document is intended for use by decision-makers who may not already be practising CoST’s core features of multi-stakeholder working, disclosure, assurance and social accountability, but who recognise the potential relevance of each such feature.