Compilation images from CoST Ukraine's work including assurance work and events

Increasing transparency to improve market competition and infrastructure governance in Ukraine

Ukraine has made massive strides in improving infrastructure transparency since joining CoST, a decade ago.

This impact story focuses on the work of CoST Ukraine, especially from 2017 onwards, including how it drove innovation using CoST’s core features of Disclosure, Assurance, Social Accountability and Multi-Stakeholder to improve infrastructure quality. Since 2016, CoST Ukraine has used these features to lead the development of systems to not just publish data on infrastructure projects, but also to analyse the data and provide this analysis in an open, accessible way to the public.

CoST Ukraine’s work across the core features reduced corruption and and improved management and governance practices in the road sector, whilst ensuring that solutions were locally led.  

Ukraine was at the forefront of digital technology, which will remain important going forward. Digitisation has mitigated some of the technical vulnerabilities that have enabled corruption to thrive. It has improved their capacity to monitor public spending for waste, fraud, and abuse and has also helped enhance transparency and accountability, reducing corruption risks in service delivery.