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Ukraine scoping study

Ukraine scoping study

Ukravtodor (UAD) joined the CoST – The Initiative in November 2013 with the ambition to benefit from good international practice in the area of transparency and openness in construction sector. In doing so UAD reiterated its commitment to reforms that are aimed at increasing organisational and financial efficiencies, improvement of road safety standards and making its work more transparent and accessible to the citizens of Ukraine. This is consistent with the fact that UAD is one of the biggest recipients of IFIs’ and donor funding in Ukraine; and for many years it has planned and delivered large-scale investment projects on the basis of international standards and practices. In the course of the scoping study, it was found that UAD’s procedures and practices for information disclosure are sound and largely consistent with the domestic legal requirements. Its internal regulations and instructions are in line with the most recent legislation on public procurement and public access to information; and its website is up-to-date and filled with important and practical information, including information on public consultations. Its official communications with the public are intensive (due to the visibility of the sector) and the summary of communications is duly published on the website. However, website usability and accessibility is in need of improvement, so that visitors may more easily access information without contacting UAD with direct requests.

A number of issues were identified which required investigation and analysis through a scoping study.They include, importantly, the development of a draft ‘disclosure standard’ to be tested on the first project that will be subject to disclosure as part of the UAD CoST programme, the Kiev-Kharkov Road Rehabilitation. This report documents the findings and recommendations of the scoping study.

The recommendations have been developed based on a series of consultations with CoST IS, UAD staff and stakeholders, including members of civil society and the business community. Interviews with key informants took place in Kyiv in September and October 2014.

Next steps include the refinement of the disclosure standard recommended in this report, and its pilot testing on the M03 Kiev-Kahrkiv road rehabilitation project and possibly UAD’s investment project(s)/activities funded solely by the state budget. The scope of further engagement between the CoST IS and UAD is contingent on attracting donor funding to the cause.