Hamish Goldie-Scot

Technical Adviser

As CoST Technical Adviser, Hamish supports current and prospective CoST activities in Ukraine, Georgia and across Africa, including in-country discussions with interested parties in government, industry and civil society and training multi-stakeholder group members and assurance teams.

Hamish is a Civil Engineer, Planner and Trainer with over 40 years’ experience of working with others to optimise the socio-economic outcomes of investments in public infrastructure, particularly in transition and developing countries.   A founding member of the UK Anti-Corruption Forum and contributor to the Practitioner’s Guide to Open Contracting, he is a long-standing advocate of collaborative approaches to improving performance in public infrastructure procurement.  After working in almost 40 countries for a large international consultancy, he became an independent consultant in 2013, working on a mixture of technical and governance-related assignments. He is a Fellow of the UK Institution of Civil Engineers.