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CoST launches the Infrastructure Transparency Index website

The Infrastructure Transparency Initiative, CoST International, presented the Infrastructure Transparency Index (ITI) website, a tool that will help civil society, private sector and the government to promote better infrastructure. 

The ITI website offers easy access to essential information of many countries that have already applied this tool at a national and sub-national level. We wrote recently on how ITI expanded across Latin America and Asia.

Users will be able to download data, in open formats, from each country that has already presented an ITI report. 

ITI helps monitor the level of transparency and accountability in the implementation of public infrastructure projects by government institutions associated with the CoST Initiative.

Furthermore, the way it scores scale ranges from 0 to 100, where it takes in consideration four dimensions: Enabling an environment for transparency, Capacities and processes to publish data, Citizen participation and Information disclosure

Though this tool is mainly used by CoST members, it can be also used in countries not participating in the programme. ITI implementation follows a sequence of four stages to arrive at the final results.

Finally the ITI website’s main goal is to provide easy access to its resources, such as manuals, country reports and open data, that will help to inform and empower citizens and enable them to hold decision-makers accountable to promote reforms that reduce mismanagement, inefficiency and corruption.

In July 2023, CoST Panama presented their ITI report 2023, where our Regional Manager for Latin America, Manuel González, was able to present the results for Panama, highlighting how this initiative is committed to the change towards transparency in public procurement.

As part of the gala, David Zamora, our ITI International Coordinator, was able to explain the CoST Initiative and how this tool has been applied across four world regions, the methodology and primary results.

Visit the site at ITI Home – Infrastructure Transparency Index (ITI)