CoST webinar: Launch of the Infrastructure Transparency Index, a game changer assessing and promoting better infrastructure delivery

On Anti-Corruption Day 2020, Wednesday 09 December, CoST is delighted to launch the roll out of its Infrastructure Transparency Index (ITI). Join our webinar as we share our methodology, lessons learnt from application and the value of this tool providing unique insight to public leaders and procuring entities with potential for significant sectoral benefits.

ITI value for the sector

In varied national and sub-national contexts, the ITI will evaluate both levels of infrastructure transparency and the quality of associated processes that improve participation and accountability. By generating a score for procuring entities of infrastructure projects, improved practices will be encouraged alongside better understanding among government, the private sector and civil society on the relative strengths and weaknesses of a country’s sector.

Grounded on lessons learnt, ready for roll out in 2021

Based on international best practice, lessons from testing the tool in Guatemala and Honduras, and expert peer review of the ITI Manual, our webinar will highlight the robust approach taken to develop the tool, its potential impact on the infrastructure sector in 2021 roll-out countries Costa Rica, Ukraine and Thailand and its longer-term global scale-up.

CoST webinar:
Infrastructure Transparency Index launch

Anti-Corruption Day 2020: Wednesday 09 December
1pm – 2.15pm GMT (2pm – 3.15pm CET)
Join us

Jim Anderson, Lead Governance Specialist, Global Governance, World Bank
David Zamora, Indices Expert and co-author of the Manual
Natalie Forsyuk, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Ukraine (video address)
Elena Mondo, Senior Technical Adviser, International Budget Partnership
Álvaro Zepeda, Former President and Adviser, Chamber of Construction, Guatemala

Moderated by:
Chrik Poortman, Chair, CoST Board and Former Director of Global Programmes, Transparency International

Simultaneous translation will be available in Spanish.

How does it work?

The score generated by the ITI for procuring entities is based on (a) the enabling conditions for strengthening transparency in the sector and (b) the transparency-related practices applied on recently completed infrastructure projects. The index ranks procuring entities and provides a national or sub-national assessment. From this, shortcomings in existing practice can be identified and core stakeholder can develop an agenda to raise transparency and accountability standards within countries or across the sector.

Use and adaptability

Although designed for CoST members to evaluate and strengthen their national or sub-national programmes, it can be used by others interested in strengthening their institutions. We intend to adapt the Manual and ITI application based on what we learn over the next year. In due course this could also include a cross-country comparison.

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