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Find information on applying CoST 

If you are a current or potential new member of CoST or anyone with a general interest in how to implement the CoST programme, we have a range of resources which can help including Guidance notes, manuals and templates, principally relating to CoST core features. We will be updating these resources throughout 2020.

Use dropdowns
: Type = ‘Guidance’ | Audience interest = ‘Implementation’ | Author = ‘CoST International’.

Find general programme information 

This includes information on the general running of the programme, such as summaries, our business plans and external evaluations. It also includes CoST programme assurance reports.

Use dropdowns: Type = ‘Other’ or ‘Assurance’ | Audience interest = ‘General interest’ | Author = ‘CoST International’ or ‘CoST [member name]’  if searching for specific country information.

Find more on CoST impact 

Resources on CoST impact at the national-level and worldwide include: country case studies, infographics, our glossy annual reports and more.

Use dropdowns: Type = CoST impact | Audience interest = CoST impact | Author = ‘CoST International’ or ‘CoST [member name]’ if searching for specific country impact.

Other categories 

Governance: We make every effort to remain transparent and on our website we publish our Board Meeting Minutes and Annual Audited Accounts.
Use dropdowns:  Type = Governance | Audience interest = General interest | Author = CoST International.

Our growing research includes our: country scoping studies and our high-income study assessing how CoST can add value to various contexts.
Use dropdowns: Type = ‘Research’ | Audience interest = General interest | Author = CoST International. 

Can’t find what you are looking for? 

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