Ukraine Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Natalie Forsyuk joins CoST Board

We are delighted to welcome Natalie Forsyuk to the CoST Board. Prior to her position in government, Natalie worked as Technical Adviser to the CoST International Secretariat (CoST IS) and as programme manager for CoST Ukraine for four years, and so brings with her extensive knowledge and experience of CoST.

Speaking on her appointment, Natalie said: “I am so happy to continue working in close collaboration with CoST. I have seen the many ways it can affect change worldwide using an open data approach, turning data into compelling information and building trust between government, civil society and business. I look forward to working with the Board and its experts in furthering the mission of CoST.”

As Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Natalie focusses primarily on the road sector and auto transport – areas undergoing rapid development in Kyiv and Ukraine more broadly and in which she worked tirelessly to improve their efficient delivery through her role with CoST Ukraine. Such has been her effectiveness in doing so, that in 2017 she was appointed to sit on the World Road Association (PIARC’s) technical committee for transport administration to promote better transport infrastructure worldwide.
Natalie plays a key advisory role to the recently appointed Kriklii Vladyslav, Minister of Infrastructure which follows the close relationship she developed with former government senior officials from across the Ministry and Kyiv City State Administration. She is widely recognised on a global level, having advocated on the value of infrastructure transparency at influential events including PIARC Congress 2019, OGP Summit 2018, OCGlobal17, OECD and others.

As CoST Ukraine programme manager, Natalie was instrumental in driving forward the initiative’s key achievements, including the development of its online disclosure platform and analytical tool which hosts data from the renowned public procurement platform, ProZorro. She helped to highlight key issues in the delivery of Ukraine’s infrastructure which resulted in change to business as usual and direct action on poor infrastructure projects.

Natalie fills the position of government representative on the board, following the untimely death of former CoST Board government representative, Alfredo Cantero. As Minster of Transparency in Honduras, Alfredo also held an influential role in government and guided CoST on a practical level as a member of the CoST Honduras Multi-stakeholder Group. We are therefore pleased to welcome Natalie – another remarkable advocate of infrastructure transparency with vast experience and passion for CoST to live on the legacy of our former colleague.

The CoST Board is planning to introduce new procedures through which CoST members will elect individuals to the CoST Board. The elections will be organised on a regional basis and are intended to provide a greater role in the governance of the programme for members. Natalie will serve on the board until the government representative position comes up for election in 2021.