New website, an international award, summits, and more: Our 2023 highlights

In 2023, CoST, the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative, strengthened relationships in various sectors and continued to highlight that transparency and accountability are fundamental pillars for the use of public funds in infrastructure projects.

Constructive collaboration between governments, private sector and civil society enhances efficiency in infrastructure projects development. This includes opening the door to a higher level of social accountability and citizen participation and strengthening public trust by facilitating greater understanding of infrastructure-related processes and decisions.

This collaboration offers a diversity of perspectives, knowledge and experience that enriches decision-making. This can support more sustainable development, including more resilient infrastructure.

Here are some of our key moments in 2023 in building these collaborative ties that unite us on the goal to promote transparency in infrastructure:


  1. Strengthened knowledge and alliances around the world

In Summer 2023 we offered three free training webinars on multi-stakeholder working in collaboration with the World Bank to provide participants with the opportunity to consider in more detail the practical challenges associated with putting specific features of the CoST approach into practice.

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In March, representatives from civil society, private sector and the government of CoST member, Dominican Republic learned more about how we enhance social accountability.

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In June, CoST’s Technical Advisor, Hamish, contributed to a workshop convened by the World Bank for representatives of the Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by the Terrorist Operations (REFAATO) and other agencies responsible for restoring or replacing infrastructure destroyed by terrorist activities.

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  1. CoST Jalisco supports launch of two open data platforms in Guadalajara

In February, CoST Jalisco supported the municipality of Guadalajara, Mexico, with the creation and launch of announced two new open data platforms focused on Open Contracting and Public Projects.

With these two open data platforms, Guadalajara will be in an opportune position to utilize best practice in disclosure to help to prevent and reduce corruption in the processes of procurement and contracting of public infrastructure.

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  1. Infrastructure Transparency Index (ITI) website launched

In July, we launched the Infrastructure Transparency Index (ITI) website, which has and will help civil society, private sector, and the government to promote better infrastructure.

The ITI website offers easy access to essential information from many countries that have already applied this tool at a national and sub-national level.

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  1. CoST Uganda won an award from the Basel Institute on Governance

CoST Uganda won the Anti-Corruption Collective Action Initiative Award for Southern Africa from the Basel Institute on Governance for its outstanding achievements in tackling corruption and raising standards of business integrity in the region.

The exceptional achievements of CoST Uganda continue to attract international attention. It has demonstrated the practical benefits that flow from improving the transparency and accountability of infrastructure investments.

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  1. Participation at ABRELATAM 2023: ITI and use of sustainable infrastructure data

In late October and early November, CoST participated in the tenth edition of ABRELATAM, the open data conference that brings together a broad and diverse community in Latin America to discuss the promotion, research, publication, and use of open data.

Maria da Graça Prado, Senior Policy, and Research Advisor; Manuel González Caballero, Senior Regional Manager for Latin America, and David Zamora, International Coordinator of the Infrastructure Transparency Index (ITI), shared experiences in the use of data on sustainable infrastructure and climate change financing.

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CoST also highlighted the importance of sustainability and climate finance at other events in the year.

At the CoST International was at the most recent Open Government Partnership Summit in Tallinn, Estonia, and share lessons, experiences, ideas, and point of views from the summit including at our own side event which focused on opening up climate finance infrastructure to public scrutiny.

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We also took part in the 2023 program of Learning, Training and Practice in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as part of the UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development. See the session here.


  1. CoST members publish the Infrastructure Transparency Index

In September, CoST Costa Rica published their second edition of the ITI. The results highlight progress that the country has made in driving transparency in public infrastructure projects and relevant challenges.

This report is available here.

We can’t wait for what we have in store, including the second rendition of the Alfredo Cantero Awards; more resources and case studies being developed; working more on fundamental issues with key stakeholders, such as infrastructure  data standards and climate infrastructure.