CoST takes part in the 2022 OECD Infrastructure Forum

CoST Executive Director, Petter Matthews attended OECD Infrastructure Forum’s discussion on the needs and priorities for re-constructing a resilient Ukraine on day one. 

With the achievements of CoST Ukraine, as well as CoST joining the RISE coalition, we valued the opportunity to take part in this important conversation. 

During this discussion, Petter spoke about:

  • The fundamentality of transparency accountability and multi-stakeholder working
  • The work of CoST Ukraine and the RISE coalition 
  • The importance of international solidarity 

The OECD Infrastructure Forum features leaders from around the world and provides an opportunity to share new thinking, insights and evidence. The 2022 focus was infrastructure governance and the G20 Quality Infrastructure Investment principles, and international climate commitments and sustainability. You can watch the full discussion on the OECD website.