CoST Tanzania comes to an end

The CoST Board has with regret taken the decision to close CoST Tanzania. This follows its status being declared ‘inactive’ and insufficient progress being made during the period agreed for remedial measures to be completed.

CoST members demonstrate a firm commitment to improving infrastructure transparency and accountability in their various contexts. Throughout their membership, programmes are subject to the CoST performance monitoring policy and their membership is contingent on the CoST Board being satisfied that meaningful progress is maintained. In accordance with this policy, the CoST Tanzania programme has now been officially closed.

CoST Executive Director and Board Member, Petter Matthews said:

Tanzania was one of CoST’s founding members that broke new ground in improving transparency, participation and accountability in public infrastructure including publishing several assurance reports and influencing the public procurement framework. We express our gratitude to the individuals and institutions that have supported CoST and wish them well with future efforts. If circumstances change, the CoST Board will welcome the Government of Tanzania alongside its civil society and private sector partners to reapply