We are enormously grateful to our funders:

Our funding is used to support both the implementation of new members as they establish their programmes, and the overarching activities of the CoST International Secretariat. This includes outputs such as training, outreach and research. For an overview of our recent financing and expenditure please see our CoST Annual Report 2021, CoST Annual Report 2020, CoST Annual Report 2019, CoST Annual Report 2018 and CoST Annual Report 2017 and for a more detailed breakdown please see our reports below.

Annual reports and annual accounts

Our financial information as well as information on our activities at the international and national level are detailed in our annual reports:

Infrastructure and Cities for Economic Development

DFID provided £33.5 million to the Infrastructure and Cities for Economic Development (ICED) programme over five years, from March 2015 to July 2020 to improve the enabling environment for sustainable, inclusive growth-enhancing infrastructure service delivery in DFID and to harness the benefits of cities for sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in DFID focus countries. CoST was one of the programmes selected to implement ICED programme activities, receiving funding to do so.

DFID’s annual reviews of ICED and its programmes can be found here.