CoST feature: Multi-stakeholder working

Stakeholders discuss ideasCoST members bring government, private sector and civil society together through multi-stakeholder groups (MSGs) to enhance transparency, participation and accountability in public infrastructure.

The MSG is a neutral platform for stakeholders allowing them to participate on an equal basis with one another.

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Multi-stakeholder impact

The MSG guides the delivery of the CoST member’s programme and work, meeting on a regular basis and working closely with the member manager.

The MSG is instrumental in publically highlighting issues raised in independent review (assurance) process, through assurance report launches, as well as media interviews, political dialogue meetings and training events. Stakeholders are from senior ranks and are well respected in society. For example, in government, they often include ministers of transparency, public works or economy.

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Alfredo Cantero
Former MSG member, Alfredo Cantero

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More details on multi-stakeholder working can be found in the Establishing a CoST multi-stakeholder group Guidance Note, also available as Creación de un Grupo Multisectorial CoST (Spanish). 

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